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A unique range of brass instrument maintenance products made in the UK by brass players for brass players and endorsed by some of the worlds leading brass players and bands.

We all know that buying a quality brass instrument is an expensive purchase, we also all know we should be proactive in looking after our investment, to make sure the instrument looks good, sounds great and stop sticky valves and stuck slides to ensure years of happy playing.

Through the history of brass, players have cleaned their instruments with washing up liquid, many of which contain salt. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that water plus salt results in possible corrosion, so it was vital that we created a kit that was eco-friendly, highly effective and didn't cause damage to any delicate finishes or components. 

The range has been tested by local brass bands to the factory and we received 100% positive feedback about the product. This was the reaffirmed when the range was personally endorsed by Mark Wilkinson- Soloist and Principal Cornet of Fodens Band, Dr Brett Baker- International Trombone Soloist & Programme leader for Music Arts at the University of Salford and the World famous Fodens Band.


The reasons why: -

As you know you should clean your instrument on a regular basis. When playing you are emitting saliva into your instrument, saliva contains germs, mucus, etc. that can mix together with valve/slide oil to form a biofilm in your instrument. Whilst human saliva is 99.5% water, it also contains electrolytes, mucus, enzymes, anti bacterial and bacterial compounds such as secretory lgA and lysozyme.

Regular cleaning helps to stop bacteria build up preventing illnesses such as Common Cold, Influenza and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (Trombone Players Lung).

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b# have created the "Keep it Clean Scheme" to help bands encourage players to look after their instruments usually the bands biggest asset, look after their own health by having clean instruments and helping bands raise some hard earned funds.

For more information please email keepitclean@bsharpbrass.com

In August 2016 a story broke in the UK national news regarding the sad death of a musician at Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester from the symptoms related to Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. Dr Jenny King from the Hospital warns musicians of the potential danger and encourages regular cleaning of instruments to help prevent illness.

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As Principal Cornet of Fodens Band & an International Cornet Soloist, keeping my cornet in pristine condition is important & until now I've always used washing up liquid, that, I did realise could possibly damage my instrument.

Now I use the b# Virtuoso Cleaning Kit, with everything in one box, concise & easy to follow instructions, it is the only product of its kind that I recommend to clean your instrument giving you a championship finish everytime.

Mark Wilkinson.Principal Cornet - Fodens Band

I've used washing-up liquid for years not knowing the damage it could possibly do long term. I'm delighted that I know have an all in one cleaning kit preventing grease and a build up of material that causes restricted pipework & harbours bacteria.

The b# Virtuoso Cleaning Kit keeps my instrument in perfect working order with a concert quality finish between professional services.

Dr Brett Baker.Principal Trombone - Black Dyke Band, Rath Clinician.

As one of the World's leading Brass Bands, Fodens aspire for perfection. Players are encouraged to regularly maintain instruments to ensure pitch perfect performances & a pristine appearance. Fodens Band is proud to support b# who has created a dedicated, easy to use kit for cleaning instruments.

Not only does the kit help to stop sticky vales and slides, it helps to keep the inside as clean as the outside. We were especially pleased that thought had gone into providing a quality brush kit alongside the soak & polish, making it a world class cleaning kit.

Fodens Band

 I suppose I've always been fastidious about keeping my instrument clean. There's no question that an instrument that's perfectly clean with everything well lubricated, performs better, And I'm interested in that!!

Over the years I've had students play for me, and with many of them, immediately I've detected that their instrument hasn't been well maintained, or perhaps hasn't had an internal clean for some considerable time. When someone says they put some water through it, or even that they've bathed it, they presume this will remove all the build-up of grime that can have such a detrimental impact on playing, in particular tuning. It always amazes me that people spend so much money on the instrument, and then look after them so badly. It is like having a car that you never get serviced & of course you shouldn't be too surprised when it let's you down.

I have been using the b# Virtuoso Cleaning kit myself for about 6 months and it's being selling very well on my webstore. I know customers are as satisfied as I am. The b# instrument soak solution really works, and it's almost as identical as having my instrument professionally cleaned by the manufacturers. The bushes are well designed & finish of the internal clean to perfection. Then to get a professional finish, the b# Avocado Finishing Polish is really outstanding, as good as anything I have ever used. I can't recommend this kit highly enough. Everyone should have one of these b# kits at home.

Professor Steven Mead - International Professional Euphonium Soloist, Professor of Music RNCM & Besson Ambassador.

I am totally impressed with the design, presentation & actual workings of the b# Virtuoso Cleaning Kit.

This kit has been designed to last, which is impressive, considering some brushes do not survive an encounter cleaning. A final note the b# Virtuoso Cleaning kit has made the process of cleaning an instrument 10 times easier, giving instant results without the hours of polishing. The b# kit will be my go to cleaning kit in future.

MicahParsons - Solo Euphonium The Staffordshire Band, Editor of The blog of the Young Brass Musician

I used the product on Tuesday night and the results are amazing!!

Removed all grime and film build up from inside my Euphonium (I couldn't believe what came out). The valves and slides are much easier to use than before, I won't hesitate to use and recommend to any brass player.

Kevin Dale - Stoke on Trent

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Repclif Chemical Services Ltd

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Please email to request an MSDS for any b# product.

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