Virtuoso Cleaning Kit

Up to 10 cleans per kit depending on Instrument.

The kit consists of: -

Instrument Soak- Unique soak that cleans the instrument from the inside out, removing the unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework and clearing oils and greases leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent and an easy next time clean anti-static coating.

Finishing Polish- Made using natural Avocado oil this polish gives your instrument that sort after championship finish.

Helin Brush and Cloth Kit- Quality kit from the worlds leading manufacturer, specially designed for b sharp.

100% Natural Oils and Greases

b sharp have developed a range of oils and greases made from 100% natural oils with added food grade fruit flavourings to enhance your playing experience.

Non petroleum, non synthetic lubricants for Valves, Rotary Valves and Tuning Slides. No more unpleasant oils only the taste of nature!!!

b# Valve oil works best if you clean your valves before the first application although it is not absolutely necessary.

We advise cleaning your valves before each time you play as the oil will naturally clean your instrument as it lubricates occasionally leaving a small residue, this will disappear with use. We also suggest using it sparingly, unlike conventional oils, generally one spray should be enough.  

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